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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Dec 9, 2019

Not Another Self-Help Podcast ~>

I’ll be honest. I have been needing a break for a while. 

Not to worry… nothing crazy. I’m not ending the pod or moving to Bali or going to vet school or anything. But, I am needing a few weeks off from the pod to cater to my health and well being. But… there is some really exciting news I wanted to make sure you were looped in on.

First off, my bestie and I (Andrea Owen over at Your Kickass Life) are starting a brand-spankin’ new podcast which will officially drop on January 3rd! Mark your calendars! Not Another Self-Help Podcast will start with an 8-episode season and this show will be a bit of a departure from our respective podcasts. Expect many more random conversations, anecdotes, and comedy paired with some truth-bomb advice giving. This show will be available on aaaall the major platforms, so get ready!

Second, I currently have a few open spots for my radically transformative coaching program, Deep, Down, + Dirty. Interested in what it’s all about? Your first item of biz is to check out my completely FREE workshop all about getting out of the cycle of people-pleasing, perfectionism, and chronic self-doubt. This workshop will give you a crystal-clear picture of the work I do and why some tactics you’ve been using to find that ever elusive self-worth simply hasn't worked. 

After you’ve scoped out the workshop, you’ll see an opportunity to book a strategy call with one of my brilliant coaches to discuss your specific obstacles and discuss if DD+D is just the ass-kicking you need to make 2020 fuckin’ epic. Like, finally getting out of your own way so you can start that new biz or leave that toxic relationship or finally go back to school for that degree you’ve been craving. If you know that something HAS TO shift in 2020, because you simply can’t even anymore, have a watch through this workshop and book a session. #yourewelcome

Third, I’ll be back with brand-new episodes starting on December 23rd! Coming up on the pod docket is my annual (and uber popular) pod all about goal-setting for the new year, complete with a totally free action planner to get 2020 started riiiiight. Yes, please!

Thanks for being the best damn community EVAH and I hope you enjoy these freebies!

Huge love,