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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Feb 22, 2021


Hey everyone, Darlene here, Amy’s behind the scenes podcast ninja. There isn’t a new show this week because the Smiths are busy cooking up a  bunch of new and exciting things for the podcast. If you are missing out on your weekly dose of Amy and Mr. Smith, they are airing Community Favorite...

Feb 15, 2021


Tell me if this sounds familiar: You interview for a job that has a ton of other candidates and you constantly ruminate on all the other applicants and wonder how you compare. Or, maybe you grew up in a family with so much competition that you felt you couldn’t ever measure up if you didn’t have...

Feb 8, 2021


You walk into work, totally optimistic about your day, and you give your co-worker a casual ‘How-ya-doin’-today?’ She responds with her usual quip about how she’s ‘alright-I-guess’ but immediately launches into complaining about her neighbor/workload/recent ailment.

Or maybe it’s every time...

Feb 1, 2021


If you’re like many of my clients and students, you have likely found yourself super inspired to start speaking up for yourself… even to those tough peeps (hi, mom) who make it extremely challenging. You muster all your new-found courage and go broach the challenging topic at hand with the...