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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Mar 25, 2019



I used to flippantly refer to myself as a Perfectionist and oftentimes I would elude to it being somewhat of a badge of honor. As I got older and my anxiety increased, I realized that being a chronic perfectionist was actually STEALING my joy instead of making my job easier. But, how does one...

Mar 18, 2019



Ever have that experience where you realize aaaaaall the things you wish you would have said in a conversation earlier in the day? Or even a week ago? Like, maybe you were offended by something a co-worker said, but you chose to let it slide, and now, upon reflection, you’re totally beating...

Mar 11, 2019



Ahhhh… The lovely concept of “Work/Life Balance”. So… is this really something that can actually be attained or is it some bullshit notion we feed ourselves that actually leaves us feeling worse about not even remotely being, ah-hem, balanced? I would argue for the latter. In our world of...

Mar 4, 2019



Tell me if this sounds familiar: You have “this friend”… and this friend is perhaps someone you’ve known forever. Maybe you saw each other through some tough times, but at this particular place in your life, this friendship has been feeling downright toxic. But you guilt yourself saying,...