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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Jul 29, 2019



You know *that thing* when you get totally caught off guard by a request and don’t know how to say “No”, so you say, “Um, yeah, sure. Totally”? Or how ‘bout this one: You know you need to address something with your bestie by you keep thinking, “Am I overreacting? Am I being...

Jul 22, 2019



You’ve been in the same industry for 20 years and you’re dying to make a change but you’re scared shitless to throw in the towel. Wouldn’t that mean you wasted two decades?

You’re not totally sure you’re getting your Master’s because it’s what YOU really want or if it’s...

Jul 15, 2019


Have you ever replayed a conversation with someone over and over again in your mind, completely making up what the other person was thinking/feeling/intending? Or how ’bout this one… ever obsessively worry about something day and night until this *thing* comes to fruition, and NOTHING even...

Jul 8, 2019



In 2009, Bronnie Ware broke the internet (yes, before Kim K.) with her riveting blog post, The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying, chronicling her time as a palliative care nurse. Due to the instant popularity, because um… it HIT HOME for so many people, Ware published her first book of the same...

Jul 1, 2019



Recently a listener wrote in to the show sharing her woes surrounding her tenured relationship that had entered into the oh-so-boring world of dull-ass date nights. Perhaps you know the drill. The same restaurants. Ordering the same foods. The same stale conversations. Or perhaps, not much...