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The Joy Junkie Show

Dec 6, 2021


here are certain words that get tossed around the personal development space and are often used without much thought or accuracy. It could be argued that one such word is “intention”. It’s not uncommon to hear someone say “What is your intention for the day?” and often the question is simply...

Nov 29, 2021


Unless you had some kind of utopian upbringing, it’s likely that you were taught how to use logic, reason, and rationale to dictate your choices and actions… to ensure you were doing the “right” thing. But, it’s highly unlikely that someone taught you how to be still, listen to your internal...

Nov 22, 2021


Find yourself dreading holiday functions with your family because it’s only a matter of time until your mom pesters you about why you don’t go to church anymore… or you aunt gives you shit for not having kids or not being married… or your uncle gets in a heated (uncomfortable) “discussion”...

Nov 15, 2021


Flip through Insta or Facebook and you’ll find a bevy of “Love Yourself” and “Just Think Positive” memes and you’re likely over here like, “Lemme get right on that.” When you’ve been struggling to simply accept yourself, actually loving yourself can feel like it would take an act of...

Nov 8, 2021


You want to start your own biz, but you’re not sure you’re ‘good’ enough. You want to put your name in for the promotion, but you often think, “I’m not experienced enough”. You want to go back to school, but you often feel like you’re not young enough to start over. No matter what the...