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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Apr 29, 2019


I've got nothin'.

That's right. No pod this week. [womp, womp]

And I really didn't want to let you down.

But, if I've learned anything in the last decade I've been teaching personal development, it is the importance of walking my talk. If I am telling you to take care of yourself, then I should certainly do the...

Apr 22, 2019



Tell me if this sounds familiar: You find out your partner didn’t handle a bill they promised they would handle or maybe they forgot to pick up your kid when they were supposed to (throwing your schedule into pure chaos) and your first response is to Take. Them. To. School. I...

Apr 15, 2019



Ever find yourself thinking, “If my husband would just get his shit together, this relationship would be fine”? Or maybe you find yourself keeping score? Like, if he isn’t initiating sex, why should I? Or, if he can’t pick up his shit, why should I? And, then maybe you...

Apr 8, 2019



One of the most amazing things about our current social climate is the influx of personal growth concepts and ideas. Although it’s been beautiful to see the self-help space blossom and expand, there are certainly some ways in which these concepts can stir up problems and sticking points.


Apr 1, 2019


Ever see super confident people and wonder how-the-hell they became so sure of themselves? Ever wonder if they were just born that way or if someone taught them or if some life experience shaped them into that person who oozes confidence and self-assuredness? However they came to that state, you...