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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Nov 30, 2020


Ever find yourself reaching out to someone or something that you know isn’t in your best interest but you can’t seem to stop yourself from doing so? Maybe it’s having a few too many drinks when you’ve been trying to quit or reaching out to an ex who is beyond bad for you. Or maybe you’ve...

Nov 23, 2020


Even though the holiday season is supposed to be all merry and bright and full of glad tidings, it’s quite certain that you’ve found yourself engaged with total overwhelm, buckling from the stress, and dangerously approaching burnout. Although fun and festive, it can take a sheer act of god to...

Nov 16, 2020


Find yourself dreading holiday functions with your family because it’s only a matter of time until your mom pesters you about why you don’t go to church anymore… or you aunt gives you shit for not having kids or not being married… or your uncle gets in a heated (uncomfortable)...

Nov 9, 2020


We’re pressing pause on the podcast this week to allow time to process the heaviness of the U.S. elections.  Not to worry, Ms. and Mr. Smith will be right back in your feed with a new episode next Monday about How to NOT Lose Your Shit with Your Family This Holiday Season.

In the meantime, if you...

Nov 2, 2020


I can’t tell you the countless times I have heard someone say, “I can’t trust myself.” Whether it be trusting their ability to make decisions, attracting the right person into their love life, making sound judgements around money, or following through on a commitment, it has certainly been a...