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The Joy Junkie Show

Aug 10, 2020


Ever find yourself replaying a scenario or conversation of the past (like, yesterday) and wishing you would have said something different? And maybe you ruminate on it and hash out a completely new dialogue that only leaves you feeling pissed off that you didn’t speak up to begin with? Or maybe you...

Aug 3, 2020


Ever find yourself reaching out to someone or something that you know isn’t in your best interest but you can’t seem to stop yourself from doing so? Maybe it’s having a few too many drinks when you’ve been trying to quit or reaching out to an ex who is beyond bad for you. Or maybe you’ve found...

Jul 27, 2020


Listen. ⁠⠀
I don’t know ANYONE who is thriving right now.
Seriously a n y o n e
Shit is beyond crazy.⁠ Like many of us may not see again in our lifetime.
If you have been trying to operate like “business as usual” you probably need to knock that shit off.
It is NOT business as usual....

Jul 20, 2020


Hey everyone, Darlene here, Amy’s behind the scenes podcast ninja. Amy and Mr. Smith are taking some vacation time this week. So, I am stepping in to share a popular archived, Community Favorite episode: Six Things You Must Address for a Happy Life.  Mr. and Ms. Smith will be back in your ears next...

Jul 13, 2020


If you took a look around you… to all of your close relationships, would they all be reciprocal? Do you have people in your world who constantly deposit into the “account” of your life or are they perpetually withdrawing? Do you ever feel like you give, and give, and give, and get nothing in...