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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Jan 15, 2018


Recently a listener wrote in to the show, asking what to do when you find yourself feeling stuck. You know that racket, no? Stuck in a relationship... stuck in a soul-sucking job... stuck in a friendship that doesn't serve you. The list goes on.

Many times, when we feel "stuck", we look outside ourselves for the magic answer instead of addressing things that are totally within our power. Without knowing it, we fall into patterns and habits that ultimately leave us feeling stagnant and we forget to take action on the things that we already know bring us joy. Like, getting back to that knitting project you loved. Or picking up your guitar again. Whatever... you get the picture.

In this episode, I dig into seven different strategies and questions you can ask yourself to break out of your stuck-ness in order to create much more happiness and fulfillment. You may actually be super surprised how easy it can be!

This pod explores:

  • Why you think you "don't have a choice" and what the real truth is
  • How to break up the monotony of your habits and switch shit up, creating much more momentum and movement
  • How to clear out the clutter in your world that is unknowingly keeping you stuck-as-fuck
  • Why you must create a plan if you want to change your current situation




Join me for a 12-week, group coaching immersion designed to take you from struggling in the land of "shoulds", guilt trips, and comparison to flying on the wings of confidence, courage, and self-love.

Imagine waking up feeling confident and proud of yourself! Hello!

Or how about telling someone "No, I'm not available for your event" and feeling Not. An. Ounce. Of. Guilt. Plus, now your time is all freed up for mani/pedis and mimosas.

Listen, when you actually LIKE who you are, you'll finally start the biz you've been too fearful to start, finally get back in shape + love your hot bod at the same time, and/or have time for the shit you really want in your life: like finally signing up for roller derby or planning that trip to Italy. #grazie

Get ready to get waaaay more done, alleviate massive stress, and feel Waaaay. Fucking. Happier.

Want the specifics? Of course you do. Simply swing by this page to secure your seat!



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