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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Jun 26, 2017


Recently a listener wrote to the show wondering how she should go about teaching some of the concepts she has been learning in her own personal growth journey, to her children. Although it takes many of us decades upon decades to get our shit straight, much of that is indicative of the way in which we were raised. Now, I'm not talking shit on our parents, I'm just saying we are living in a pretty conscious and evolved time where serious, deep convos with our kids are totally and completely possible. And I would argue, necessary.

Kids are often far more savvy than we give them credit for and chances are, your little love will comprehend more about this journey than you realize. In this episode, I look at 7 steps you can immediately take to start sharing some of your self-help work with your Littles. And, trust... as they usually do, it's likely they'll teach you a thing or two as well.

This pod explores:

  • The number one thing you HAVE TO start fostering in your children if you want to equip them to manage life's roller coasters
  • What my pops used to do after he lost his shit on me (or my bros) and how it was one of the biggest learning lessons of my life (And why you should start doing it too)
  • How to develop daily self-help habits with your kiddos
  • Why it really doesn't always matter what you say to them... and what really matters