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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Aug 31, 2020

We’re switchin’ things up this week! We needed a week off from our regular format, but we wanted to leave you with something to brighten your day. 

After years of threatening to do so, we finally decided to release a short blooper reel of our silly mic checks we do prior to recording each show. We will be back in...

Aug 24, 2020


So… you know you need some downtime. You need some time to rest and recharge, but every time you do, that naggy, little voice in your head keeps hounding you about how lazy you are and all the things you should be accomplishing with your time. Or maybe you finally take some time to rest but your...

Aug 17, 2020


Ever feel like… If only my boss wasn’t such an idiot, our workplace would be so much better. Or, if only my ex wasn’t such a douchebag, then my life would be so much easier. Or, if only our economy was better, then I’d be able to take care of my finances. Or, if only my mom wasn’t so damn...

Aug 10, 2020


Ever find yourself replaying a scenario or conversation of the past (like, yesterday) and wishing you would have said something different? And maybe you ruminate on it and hash out a completely new dialogue that only leaves you feeling pissed off that you didn’t speak up to begin with? Or maybe you...

Aug 3, 2020


Ever find yourself reaching out to someone or something that you know isn’t in your best interest but you can’t seem to stop yourself from doing so? Maybe it’s having a few too many drinks when you’ve been trying to quit or reaching out to an ex who is beyond bad for you. Or maybe you’ve found...