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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Dec 31, 2018



So… You’ve checked all the boxes. You got a good education. You settled down and got married. You pursued the career. You even bought the house, had the kids, the whole thing. And yet, you still wake up some days wondering, “Is this all there is? Is thisit?” And maybe you even ask yourself,...

Dec 24, 2018



Did you know that we experience guilt for a very specific reason? That it’s actually designed to help us? Wait, WHAT?

And, no, it’s not so you can feel like shit when your mom tells you how disappointed she is that you don’t call often enough or so you feel awful for declining an invite to...

Dec 17, 2018



Ever feel like you just can’t quite enjoy the holidays because you’re in the middle of an emotional shitstorm that seems to make the season trying, stressful, and overwhelming? Maybe it’s your first holiday after being newly divorced. Or maybe it’s the fifth Christmas without your...

Dec 10, 2018



Even though the holiday season is supposed to be all merry and bright and full of glad tidings, it’s quite certain that you’ve found yourself engaged with total overwhelm, buckling from the stress, and dangerously approaching burnout. Although fun and festive, it can take a sheer act of god...

Dec 3, 2018



Any of these thoughts sound familiar? I would totally be able to figure shit out if my ex wasn’t such an asshole… Or, I totally could move up in the company, if only my boss wasn’t such an asshat. I would for sure have a great relationship with my sister if only she wasn’t such a dick...