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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Aug 30, 2021


How many times have you NOT spoken up because you were afraid of what someone may think? How many times have you not fought for the raise you deserved? How often have you apologized or beaten yourself up for your own body? How do you tweak your posture when you’re dealing with someone aggressive...

Aug 23, 2021


Have you ever wanted to negotiate a salary increase but weren’t really sure how? Or if you even deserved it? Have you had someone tell you that you are “too much”, “too loud”, or “too emotional”? And, then you shrink a little bit and proceed to dull your own shine. Have you ever...

Aug 16, 2021


Ever find yourself stressed out because of events happening at work, and when you get home you find a perfect opportunity to be critical of your partner for not putting their shoes away? Or loading the dishwasher properly? Or missing an important payment? Or maybe you can relate to feeling dismissed or...

Aug 9, 2021


So, your partner gives you a little nudge that *maybe* you could do something a bit differently and you Totally. Fly. Off. The. Handle. Or maybe your bestie gently suggests that you may want to try to actually DO something about the shit-job you are always complaining about and you completely chew him...

Aug 2, 2021


Remember when the Law of Attraction was all the rage and everyone thought (maybe even you) that you could simply think about a million dollars and boom! it would suddenly be in your bank account… or magically under your mattress? Yeah. Me too. There is actually waaaay more to manifesting what you want...