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The Joy Junkie Show

Oct 11, 2021


Just believe in yourself, they said. It will be easy, they said. Good vibes only, they said.

So, why-the-hell does it feel like it will take an act of god to actually believe in yourself!?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why self belief feels so damn illusive, you are certainly not alone. I...

Oct 4, 2021


Ok, so let’s all collectively try to not freak out. 
Mel Robbins is on the show this week. 
Like, THE Mel Robbins. 
The Mel Robbins who’s sold millions of copies of her highly sought-after books, spoken to some of the biggest audiences all over the world, and who has built one of...

Sep 27, 2021


Ever find yourself *not* speaking up even though something your co-worker said just didn’t sit right with you? Or have you ever wondered if you and your partner have somewhat of a codependent relationship? Or maybe you have an out-of-body reaction if you sense that your family doesn’t approve of your...

Sep 20, 2021


Don’t rock the boat. Don’t open up a can of worms. Sweep it under the rug. We have so many idioms that metaphorically express a common message: KEEP. QUIET. And if we unpack that message even further, there are a few inferences: 1) If you do speak up there is something wrong with you and 2)...

Sep 13, 2021


Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: You can’t stop ruminating about a conversation you had earlier in the week and you keep replaying the situation over and over and over… worrying about what was or wasn’t said. Or, you start to have a complete out-of-body if you ever sense that you aren’t...