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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Feb 19, 2018


Tell me if this sounds familiar: Your partner/bestie/boss/mom says something snarky and you immediately make it all your fault and assume that you MUST have done something horribly wrong. And then, without asking for any type of clarity, you just stew on it, ruminating, and make up all sorts of stories about what that other person is thinking and how you must clearly be a total asshat.

The tendency to self-blame around every corner is actually far more common than you may think. Even though you are perpetually making it “all about you” (even if it’s in your own mind), doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a narcissist or purposely trying to take the blame for everything.

In this week’s episode, I discuss a multitude of reasons your knee-jerk reaction may be to self-blame (aka I must have done something wrong!!), four steps to dealing with this habit, and how to let go of some of this shit that is soooo not your responsibility.

This pod explores:

  • Why you tend to think that it’s all your fault, you must have done something wrong, and surely *that person* is pissed at you
  • My four-step process to breaking down your self-blame so you can have richer connections with people and you know… not hate yourself
  • My absolute favorite tool that immediately snaps you out of blaming yourself (and it’s soooo easy)
  • How to figure out what you are really craving in your life that you aren’t getting, so you can stop wasting time and money




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