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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Nov 4, 2019


Hey everyone, Darlene here, Amy’s behind the scenes podcast ninja. I am cutting into our regularly scheduled program to let you know that the week Amy was supposed to record the episode that would have aired today, she got extremely sick and decided to walk her talk in the name of self-care. This means we won’t have an episode this week, but there’s still some really great news. 1. We’ll be back in your feed next week with a brand new episode. We promise. And 2. Amy has a freebie for you. If you have not been to her free workshop yet, what are you waiting for?  She shares 5 strategies to help banish self-doubt and perfectionism, help you access killer confidence + 'enoughness' and finally find your voice. If you’re DONE feeling like your own worst enemy, constantly beating yourself up, and overwhelmed because you’re constantly doing, doing, doing for everyone else, then you must grab your seat in this brand-new workshop! 

Get all the deets and register at

Mr. and Ms. Smith will be back in your ears next week with an all new episode.