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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Jun 12, 2017


If you've been diggin' into personal development, you've undoubtedly realized that you don't get many results by simply hoarding "good ideas". You know what I'm talking about... scrollin' through Insta or Facebook, double-tappin' it up on inspiring messages, or reading a powerful book but not DOING anything with the info.

If you ever fall into this trap, honey, you are soooo not alone. It's kinda like reading a book on pilates and expecting to get a rockin' body. Um, no. Gotta hit the mat, babycakes!

Here's the deal... creating change in your life is all about your habits. The shit you do day-in and day-out. It's about monitoring the way you spend your time, energy, and self-talk so you are working towards happiness and fulfillment instead of entertaining a bunch of shit you DON'T want.

Alright, great. So, how do you do this? It all starts with your thoughts and creating a "compound effect" in one of the five areas we chat about today. Have a listen as I sound off on 5, different (easy) habits you can start instituting in your life to create a massive dose of happiness... on the regular.

This pod explores:

  • The subconscious message you’re telling yourself by not speaking up for yourself… and the simple step you can take to knock that shit off
  • How you can say "No" with the utmost grace and kindness, but without over-explaining and making a shit-ton of excuses (and, uh-hem, LIES)
  • The #1, biggest key to unlocking confidence and a love of yourself
  • How to examine your common, go-to behaviors to see if you have been unknowingly shooting yourself in the foot (don't worry... it's an easy fix)

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