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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

Jun 5, 2017

Recently, I received an email from a listener who has diligently been working with her tools to combat her inner critic, but she's noticed that as she has grown, shifted, and changed, so too, has her inner critic. Hello, new level, new devil!

Maybe you can relate? Maybe you've been plowin' along on your personal development journey... reading books, listening to pods, using your tools, and then BAM! Your inner critic shows up in a louder, sneakier, or scarier way. First off, no worries... this just means you're on the right track and second, there are tons of things you can do to catch this little bugger at this new stage.

Have a listen to this pod where I share 5 things you can do to up your inner-shit-talker rebuttal game so you can feel waaaay more confident that you are actually still in control, tweak your new, powerful, positive self-talk, and feel like you're still moving in the right direction (and actually kinda #slaying).

This pod explores:

  • The multiple ways your inner critic may have changed as you have grown (some may actually surprise you!)
  • How to develop new self-talk to work with your inner critic at this stage of the journey
  • How to actually get ahead of your inner critic instead of waiting to refute (plus, it feels waaaay better)
  • How the skill of "curiosity" will knock your inner critic out faster than you can say "new level, new devil"


Tanning, Tacos, + Transformation Conference 2017

How 'bout you get your happy-ass to Huntington Beach, California this coming October to meet me and two of my besties for an #epic adventure? [say yes] We'll munch on some tacos, soak up the gorgeous, West Coast sun, and dig deep into some serious personal development.

This is our third time hosting this event and our robust program covers three major concepts: Managing Your Inner Critic,  Self-Confidence, and Effective Communication. We have sold out all years prior and anticipate the same for 2017. Swing by our info page to check out what you can expect, what our program covers and grab your spot at this special event!