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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

May 15, 2017


As you likely know, I often take show topic submissions from our awesome PODiance and we recently received a submission with the subject line, "How to Manifest a Mr. Smith". Of course, the two of us were quite flattered, but I knew I needed to tackle this common inquiry of how-the-hell do you find "the one"?

If you've been coming up empty in the dating arena and are wondering what you're doing wrong, this two-part episode is going to be your jam. Here's the deal: Unless you've had some sort of magical, utopian guide on dating, it's likely that you've learned how to date and be in relationship through trial and error, your parent's [awesome] example, and/or a barrage of confusing commentary about what's "normal" and "realistic" from our hyperbolic media.

So, how does one find "the one"? Kismet? Chant some magic words or build an alter? Online dating? [starts to pull teeth out] I feel you. Because I wanted to equip you with everything in YOUR power to call in your dream-boat, I created this two-part pod series to teach you how to get crystal clear on what you want in a partner, and in this second edition in particular, what you can actually DO about it. If you've been feeling like the cards are stacked against you, get ready to feel super empowered and excited about your future holds. (Not just swipe-right kind of excited.)

This pod explores:

  • What (and who) you need to stop doing if you are serious about getting down to biz with finding your heart's twin
  • How to know what action to take to put yourself out there... without feeling like you'd rather eat a shit sandwich
  • How your inability to receive compliments and kindnesses from others could be negatively affecting your dating life
  • How to stay positive and encourage yourself throughout the process (even if you'd rather just blame your ex for everything)


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