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The Bold-Faced Truth Podcast

May 23, 2022

If you’ve hung out with me for any length of time, you’ll know that I am often encouraging folks to stop identifying with monikers that feel disempowering. For instance, if you want to get more shit done, you probably should stop calling yourself lazy. Or if you want to knock it off with the people-pleasing already, it’s time to stop saying, “I’m such a people-pleaser”. When we start statements with “I am…” or “I’m so…” we inadvertently cement the very characteristics we want to distance ourselves from. 

The concept of our “identity” is something that fluctuates throughout our lifetime and it’s no doubt you’ve dealt with changes to your life roles. You have a baby, now you have a new role as parent. You start a business and now your role changes from employee to business owner. And just like any other change in our life, changes to our roles usher in a slew of emotions to reckon with. 

And let’s not forget how other folks shape our identity. It’s likely you can think back to labels others have given you throughout your life. Were you labeled sensitive, needy, jealous, the funny one, the smart one, the one who is always strong through everything? How did those labels land for you? Did they send the message that you were “less than”? Cause more stress to live into those labels? The great news is no matter how long you’ve believed something about yourself, you can always change it. And, that’s exactly what we’re discussing in this week’s episode. 

Have a listen as I explore four major ways we can truly understand and embrace who we are. This episode is packed with coaching exercises, so be sure to have a pen and paper handy. We’ll look at the current ways you’ve been identifying (even if you haven’t been conscious about it), how others have influenced your identity and the powerful steps you can take to reclaim your sense of self. 

This pod explores:

  • The simple inventory exercise you must do to figure out ways you’ve been labeling yourself (without even realizing it)
  • How others have “branded” you throughout your life and how that can hold you back or build you up… and what to do with that information
  • My favorite “Life Roles” exercise to figure out if you’re spending your time and energy in ways that genuinely light you up
  • Exploring the cascading effect of changes in roles creating shifts in emotions and how to navigate those feels





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