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The Joy Junkie Show

Jan 20, 2020


Ever find yourself cruisin’ through Facebook, just minding your own business, and then BOOM! You see someone who is thinner than you posing in her bikini in her exotically sexy, annoying vaca pics and you instantly start comparing yourself to her. Or maybe it’s that one guy you used to work...

Jan 13, 2020


You want to start your own biz, but you’re not sure you’re ‘good’ enough. You want to put your name in for the promotion, but you often think, “I’m not experienced enough”. You want to go back to school, but you often feel like you’re not young enough to start over. No matter what...

Jan 6, 2020


At the start of every year, it’s likely you get pumped up and excited to make some serious change. You decide on a handful of things that you are GOING to conquer this year, god-damn-it! But what actually makes those goals a reality?

Throughout my decade-plus in this work, I have found that...

Dec 30, 2019


If you’re like most people, you have an overwhelming sense of excitement and ambition come the new year. Also like most people, perhaps you hit Jan gang-busters-style, but when Feb rolls around you have slowly begun to lose steam, fervor, and action. Many people (and maybe YOU)...

Dec 23, 2019


Even though the holiday season is supposed to be all merry and bright and full of glad tidings, it’s quite certain that you’ve found yourself engaged with total overwhelm, buckling from the stress, and dangerously approaching burnout. Although fun and festive, it can take a sheer act of god to...