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The Joy Junkie Show

Sep 16, 2019



Ever feel like you’re expressing yourself like a #boss and the other person is like, “Why are you yelling? Please don’t scream at me.” And then you’re all, “Whaaaa?! I’M NOT SCREAMING!” Or have you ever addressed something with your partner/bestie/co-worker and they told you your...

Sep 9, 2019



Recently a pod listener wrote to the show asking how one could actively cultivate optimism… especially if you happen to be a cynic, a skeptic, or tend toward pessimism. If you aren’t constantly shitting glitter, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself struggling to find the bright side or...

Sep 2, 2019



Ever have *that thing* where you make a positive life choice for yourself, like getting in shape, getting on medication, or choosing a new career path, and the peeps in your life are less thansupportive? They say things like, “Why would you stick to that workout; You always give up on...

Aug 26, 2019



So you’re in your thirties or forties and you look around you and wonder, where the hell are my besties? Maybe you had awesome connections in college but now everyone’s in a different place… maybe you started working on yourself and getting into personal development and they’re still...

Aug 19, 2019



Ever feel like no matter what you do, you simply never have enough time? Perhaps you are constantly putting out fires, running on autopilot, all the while watching shit pile up that you swore you were going to handle two weeks ago. Ever find yourself volunteering for an extra project or an extra...