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The Joy Junkie Show

Mar 23, 2020


Have you ever felt anger boiling up inside of you but instead of processing it, you drink a bit too much, throw yourself into your work, try to “mantra” it away, or ignore it altogether? Or how about situations of extreme sadness? Tell yourself, “You have nothing to be sad about. Stop being...

Mar 16, 2020


Ever have that experience of getting rid of an old car and getting an amazing brand new one, but you still find yourself a bit sad to let go of your sentimental junker? Or maybe you get a new job that is totally perfect for you, but you can’t shake the feeling of sadness surrounding leaving your...

Mar 9, 2020


Hey everyone, Darlene here, Amy’s behind the scenes podcast ninja. The week Amy was supposed to record the episode, she got extremely sick. She felt the right choice was to take the week off from the podcast. This means we won’t have an episode this week, but there’s still some really great...

Mar 2, 2020


If you’ve hung around these parts for awhile, you know that I love to GO OFF about how to establish and enforce a boundary. Of course, this is super helpful when you have a solid understanding of your boundaries, but what’s a gal to do if you have no fucking clue what your boundaries even...

Feb 24, 2020


We all want to consider ourselves honest people, but when it comes down to it, we spend quite a bit of time avoiding, fibbing, and sugar-coating our true thoughts and feelings out of fear of what others may think or say. Don’t get me wrong-I don’t think for one minute you’re intentionally lying...